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Dragonfly News

The Official Monthly Newsletter of Song of Health
June, 2009

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Welcome SUMMER!

Welcome Subscribers, to Dragonfly News. We are excited about the opportunity to share interesting and helpful information with you in our monthly newsletter, which is available to subscribers only. We first email the newsletter and food resource updates to you directly in .pdf form. Then, in a few days you will be able to access the newsletter on the website. The food resource updates will be incorporated into the existing Food Resource List and can be found by clicking the icon on the left side of most pages on the website.

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The Song of Health Team:
Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health
Dr. Letitia Dick, N.D., Staff Doctor
Dr. Jared Zeff, N.D., Staff Doctor
Dr. Caryn Potenza, N.D., Staff Supporting Doctor
Elizabeth Vedder, Manager of Food Resource Updates
Shawn Murphy, Song of Health Webmaster and Graphic Designer

In this issue:

Questions and Answers
PLUS! Response from Senator Ron Wyden on
Proposed Food Legislation

MEDICAL POLITICS: “Does Your State Recognize Naturopaths as Legitimate”

By Sandra Strom, CEO of SOH

“No X-Rays, No Fluoride, Thank You”

By Sandra Strom, CEO of SOH

Guacamole (With Cilantro)


The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing, co-founded by our renowned Doctors Letitia Dick, N.D. and Jared Zeff, N.D., is an educational opportunity for naturopathic physicians and students to further their education in the traditional methods of Naturopathy, not otherwise taught in the naturopathic colleges. This is where to learn how to perform the Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluation method, constitutional hydrotherapy and other important methods of traditional natural healing.

Song of Health and The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing work together to reach as many people as possible, to educate and help understand the importance of avoiding personal food intolerances, applying the traditional methods of healing and naturally restoring the body to health.

We invite everyone to contact us with any questions you may have regarding these methods.

Song of actively promotes physicians and professionals who support our work and companies who act with integrity
and are honest their products and services..
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Addition on Fruit page in Food Categories section: Peaches and plums have been added, per request by one of our subscribers. The format of the page has also been slightly updated. The information remains the same.

Not a change: In last month’s newsletter, in the Food Resource Update List, the entry for Red Star Yeast was listed under the category “Yeast.” We have not added a new category for “Yeast.” The updated entry for Red Star Yeast can be found in the category for “Baking Supplies.” Our deepest apologies to you, for this error and any confusion this may have caused you.

Recipes: In the Main Dishes section, some recipes called for Liquid Aminos. This has been changed to Tamari Soy. The reason is that Liquid Aminos (by Bragg) evaluated positive for potato the last time it was analyzed. If you are not potato or soy intolerant, Liquid Aminos is a great product to use.

 Read about Dr. Harold Dick, N.D. by Dr. Jared Zeff, N.D. ~
 Read about our staff doctors ~

Look for our new video coming soon: “A Naturopathic Approach to Your Health Concerns and The Importance of Identifying Food Intolerances,” presented by Song of Health and The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing. The film features Doctors Letitia Dick, N.D., Jared Zeff, N.D. and Song of Health CEO Sandra Strom. We will also email everyone a notification when it becomes available on line at the Song of Health website. Our plan is to have clips from the video on YouTube, as well.
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Learn how to quickly identify your personal food intolerances in ingredients lists on food packaging.
Learn new, easy recipes and substitutes for favorite ones that your entire family can safely eat and enjoy.

You have been evaluated for personal food intolerance by your doctor. Because there is so much to know about the different food categories and hidden ingredients in foods, your doctor has referred you to Song of Health, at Song of Health strives to present all the up-to-date information you need as your tool for avoiding your food intolerances in a good way. We also understand how difficult it can be to completely change the eating habits you have always practiced. Sometimes, you need more than just reading all this information…you need help.Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health, offers personal phone consultation sessions to help you with food intolerance issues.

Half-hour phone session…..$30.00
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Song of Health uses Google Checkout to make your payment. It is very safe and secure. Go to to pay for your session:
Be sure to give Google Checkout the email address and phone number where you want Sandra to contact you at OR you may email your contact information to:

Once your payment is received Sandra will contact you to schedule the date and time for your appointment. We will strive to make it as convenient as possible for you.

If you have any questions or need help with the appointment or payment process, please contact us at:

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SUBSCRIBERS, please. . . help others by sharing your story with us and allow us to publish it in the next issue of Dragonfly News and Subscribers’ Testimonials, now on the Song of Health website. We have this opportunity to help those who still suffer but are not confident that our dietary lifestyle will work for them. By hearing and reading about how our lives were dramatically changed we can help them to step through the door toward wellness. WE WOULD BE HONORED TO INCLUDE YOUR STORY about how you came to follow the Dr. Carroll Food Intolerance way of life. We reserve the right to edit for grammar and spelling correctness, however we will not change your story content.IF YOU WOULD LIKE US TO HELP YOU WRITE YOUR STORY, WE WILL BE HAPPY TO. JUST ASK! Please email your contribution to Thank you for helping us to achieve our goal of reaching out to as many people as possible in order to provide help, hope and answers. The more we give away, the more we receive!A note of encouragement: A subscriber was concerned that her story was uninteresting. There is no such thing as a boring, uninteresting story! We are here to support each other and every contribution helps, no matter how small or large the content. Please don't let that stop you!

REMINDER: IMPORTANT! It has been brought to our attention an important issue that we believe needs to be addressed: On occasion, a subscriber will ask our doctors a question regarding a food intolerance and their responses will slightly differ. This has sometimes caused confusion and has been expressed directly to one of our doctors by several patients.Per Dr. Zeff: “…most likely, we are not evaluating foods for, e.g., potato content. We are evaluating a food against a blood sample of a person with a known potato intolerance…” Test results for one patient to a food can vary from another patient, even though they are intolerant to the same food category. So, Dr. Watrous may determine a different result than Dr. Zeff, or any of the other doctors who competently perform this testing, because they are testing a patient’s specific blood sample to a specific food sample. As Dr. Zeff puts it, “It is one of the peculiarities of the methodology.”For this reason, we constantly emphasize throughout the Song of Health website that the information found on the website is a guide only. If you have any personal issues with a product, in other words, a test evaluation shows a food should be o.k. for you to eat, yet you have a reaction to it anyway, we suggest you refrain from consuming it until you have it tested for you personally.Always, always, always consult your physician with any medical issues you may be experiencing, any drugs you have questions about or your medical care. Our purpose is to help you to determine what foods are included in food intolerance categories. All other information, including articles, are for educational purposes, and is not meant to replace your doctor’s care for you. We are set up as a support team for doctor, patient and subscriber. There are many questions Song of Health can answer for you, and we encourage you to ask us first, in regards to food and food intolerances. What we are not qualified to answer directly, we refer to our doctors and they, in return email their responses to us. You may consider Song of Health as your information center. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We are here to support you and your efforts to claim and maintain great health by refraining from your food intolerances and learning about other natural health issues.
In Health,
Sandra Strom


REMINDER: Allergy “season” is back!
Go to The Forum, under “General Health Discussions,” for natural remedies. Also, in the March 2007 issue of Dragonfly News you will find the article, “Allergies, The Natural Approach,” by Dr. Letitia Dick.

In response to a letter I wrote to my senator regarding the issue of pending food safety legislation (see Dragonfly News April 2009 issue), here is Senator Ron Wyden’s response:

Dear Ms. Strom:

Thank you for contacting me about proposed food safety legislation. I appreciate hearing from you.

Recent news has highlighted the need for better government oversight of our nation’s food safety system. While salmonella contamination in peanut products this year received extensive news coverage, this is unfortunately not the first time in recent history that we have seen the outbreak of tainted food. I believe it is important for government agencies to better coordinate their efforts in food safety, and to address any loopholes that exist in existing law.

On March 14, 2009, President Obama announced that he was creating a new Food Safety Working Group to help address concerns about our food supply. I am hopeful that this will be a first step towards developing a consensus on this issue. Legislation on this issue has also been introduced. On February 19, 2009, Senator Sherrod Brown introduced the Food Safety and Tracking Improvement Act (S. 425). This legislation would set up a national traceability system for food and would allow the Food and Drug Administration to issue mandatory food recalls. This legislation has been referred to the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry. In the House of Representatives, Representative Rosa DeLauro has introduced the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 (H.R. 875). This bill would create a new Food Safety Administration to oversee government food safety programs. Companion legislation has not been introduced in the Senate. Please rest assured that should either of these bills come before me, I will keep your views in mind. Please know that the health of Oregonians is of the utmost importance to me and that I am committed to ensuring strict food safety standards. I recognize that these health needs must be met while encouraging the development of sustainable and organic agriculture, as well as locally-grown food and farmer's markets. Rest assured that I will continue to follow this issue closely.

Thank you again for keeping me apprised of issues that are important to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I may be of further assistance on this or any other matter.


Ron Wyden
United States Senator
To write to me, go to and choose the "Contact" link.

Note: Senator Wyden can only take correspondence from people within his constituency. It is important to write your congressional representatives. This is a very effective way for our voices to be heard! I urge you to express your concerns, on any and all health issues. To find your federal legislators go to and To find your state legislators google “find my [your state] legislators.”

Questions Emailed to us:
From Ellen: Dear Sandra: A few questions.
If a client knows their food intolerances and needs to send samples of plastics, supplements, foods to be analyzed, what is the charge per item, i.e. walnuts, flax seed sample, one vitamin, etc.
Someone asked me if you do blood analysis for food intolerances by mail where the client draws blood and sends slide. Or do all clients go to practitioners in their area for testing?
Thanks, Ellen

Reply from Sandra, CEO of Song of Health: Good morning Ellen.
First question, on the website, if you click on "Send a Sample for Evaluation" - it is the icon at the left of the screen, in the list of icons, or otherwise go to, the information on how to send a sample in to Windrose Clinic is all there - how to package it, where to send it, and to pay for it by selecting the Buy Google Checkout button and paying for it on line. If you are a subscriber, you pay less. You will want to log in, then click on the icon. The cost for non subscribers is 13.95, for subscribers 10.95. Be sure to read instructions carefully, as it is very important that the sample for analyzing is put in a clean glass jar, etc.

Second, I don't know what Dr. SuHu's policy is - you might ask him. I will find out what Dr. Zeff's policy is. Dr. Dick, at Windrose Naturopathic Clinic, requires the blood sample be drawn and sent through a doctor. This way she knows the person is observed by a professional who can determine if there is something serious going on and what needs to be done. She will consult with the physician as well. Normally, Naturopaths are more open to treating the diet than m.d.'s, but that's not absolute. There are Allopathic doctors that have sent patients to Windrose Clinic for diet evaluation too.
In Health, Sandra

Ellen: Thanks...still not clear on one thing...Is it one food (such as a brazil nut) or one plastic container per sample that will cost clients $13.95?

Sandra: Glass, not plastic. Plastic can contaminate the sample by leaching a potential intolerant. If you want Brazil nuts analyzed, place in a glass jar separate from anything else. That is one test. Then, if you want a vitamin analyzed, place one in a glass container separate from everything else. That would be an additional 13.95. The doctor must analyze each item separately, and it is very time consuming. We once had a subscriber send in 10 different samples for 10.95 ea. Everything must be separate so as to not contaminate or be contaminated.

Ellen: Do you analyze plastic containers for potato starch?

Sandra: Yes, our doctors do evaluate plastic products. If you go to The Food Resource List, under Miscellaneous, you will see several entries of plastic goods. If you want to submit a plastic product for evaluation, it must also be put in a glass container. This is the only way we can be sure that it does not get contaminated from something else. Is there a product that you have in mind?

From Teresa: How can you put all fruit in one category? Are fruits with pits different than fruit with a core or seeds? I did not see peaches or plums on the list.  Is it the fructose that is not tolerated?  I am just wary of eliminating a whole food group.
Thanks, Teresa

Reply from Sandra: Dear Teresa ~ I can understand your reluctance to refraining your son from all fruit. This is not an easy transition, but we are here for you, along with the other subscribers, to inform and support. I do have a service available for counseling advice on making the dietary changes, if you are interested. I will be happy to freely answer the simple questions for you, such as what you ask here.

Fructose does play a major part in the intolerance. All fruits from trees, including avocado, cashew and carob pods (made into powder commercially) - things you wouldn't think are fruit, will analyze positive to a fruit intolerant person, as will the seeded fruits from vines, such as berries. Tomatoes are excluded. Yes, peaches and plums are definitely fruit. Thank you for bringing the question to us. We will go ahead and add it to the Fruit page on the website.

It is possible that a person may have a more severe acute reaction to one fruit over another. The body will, however react in some form or another to all of it. There have been a few occasions when an individual did not show an intolerance to one fruit but was evaluated to be fruit intolerant. If you think your son is ok with a particular fruit, you would then want to pay the doctor to have that fruit analyzed with your son's blood. That is the only way, and a very expensive one, to determine if there is the rare fruit that he could actually tolerate. Without having him actually evaluated for something specific, I would not take the chance and feed it to him. It's not worth it!  If you read the information at Song of, there are a number of explanations about why we are intolerant to food categories. In Dr. Zeff's welcome he explains the phenomenon, and in The Forum there are a number of questions answered about food intolerances. If you need help finding the information you are looking for, please don't hesitate to ask and I'll be happy to help you.

The best way I can explain it to you, as Dr. "Tish" teaches, is that it is in our DNA, our genetic makeup, to either be blessed with enzymes that afford us the ability to properly process foods in the digestive system, or not - in which case there is no "cure" for food intolerance. If we digest a food we are intolerant to, it's as if we are digesting a poison, or toxin, because the food will putrefy, ferment, in the gut without our ability to digest it. This causes the body to react, which sets up a whole chain reaction of symptoms and dis-eases.

I have found that it's not worth eating my food intolerances. I enjoy feeling good, staying well and not being plagued by anything more than I happen to fall into! The difference is remarkable.

As an example, I have a friend who was evaluated to be fruit intolerant. She was in a very unhealthy state and thought it would be worth the evaluation. But she didn't take her intolerance seriously, first just fudging on an avocado here and something else there. Then she loaded her diet up with all kinds of fruit - grapefruit, avocado, apple, processed foods with citric acid, you name it. The other day she became sick with severe pain in what she thought was her kidneys. I went over and helped her with hydrotherapy, picked her fresh horsetail for tea and she made a nutritious soup. Then she was complaining the pain was further down and I realized that it was most likely her sciatic nerve being pinched rather than her kidneys. I'm no doctor to be diagnosing, but this I know: What we did could only help her, no matter what the problem is. I explained to her that weakened disks, muscles and skeletal issues are also caused from eating our food intolerances! Our bodies weaken all over and the most fragile organs, or structures, will suffer the most. The next day we drove to her medical doctor, who diagnosed her condition as a pinched sciatic nerve due to surrounding inflammation.

I realize there is an abundance of information to read at Song of Health. This is our plan: To inundate you with as much as we can!  We continue to update the Food Resource List and our newsletters bring you pertinent information to be aware of regarding our health and environment.

Does this help to answer your question? Please feel free to continue to email us and also let us know how the progress is going.
In Health, Sandra

Teresa: Sandra, Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I really appreciate your help. I am still learning my way around the website and haven't read over everything yet. I will do some [more] reading and studying and hopefully get my questions answered there. If not, I will be sure to ask.
Thanks again, Teresa

From Julia: Hello Sandra, could I ask you a question about make-up? I am an actress and sometimes need to use make-up, mascara etc. Is there a line you know which works well for fruit-intolerant people? Please let me know. Thank you so much and have a happy day.

Reply from Dr. Potenza, N.D.: Hello Julia,
Generally fruit intolerant people can handle Aveda makeup products. Try using their mascara and see how you react before buying the whole line. Let me know if it is not working.
Dr. Caryn Potenza

From Ellen: Hi Sandra:
I'm going nuts trying to find sources for nuts that don't contain fruit. Do you have any online sources?
Thanks, Ellen

Reply from Sandra: Good morning Ellen.
Azure Standard at has almonds that were evaluated in 2006 and resulted neutral. They have a product catalog, from which you can order, in bulk. You may want to set yourself up as a drop-off center. Then other people can order from them, in your area, and pick up at your center. It is pretty easy to set up. All the information is on their website. Their flour is excellent as are most of their products. We highly recommend Azure as a supplier. They happen to be listed in our Goods and Services section at SOH.

What nuts are you having problems finding that do not contain fruit? Are there nuts you have found that have already been evaluated? Thank you for sharing what you have found.
Hope this helps.
P.S. I found another one for you. Gibson Farms - Their walnuts are listed in the Food Resource List and also analyzed neutral in 2006. There are other nuts also listed on the Food Resource List that are neutral, such as the Mauna Loa Dry Roasted Macadamias with Sea Salt.
In Health, Sandra

From Susan: Hi Sandra:
I have a few questions about chia seeds. Maybe you can help.
1) Are they really the best source of omega 3?
2) Is it best to grind them? I like the chia seed meal better than the whole seed.
3) How much would a 160 lb male and a 120 lb female need to supply a day's requirement of omega 3?
4) If my husband takes one fish oil capsule at 1000 mg, how much chia would he need?

Reply from Sandra: Hello Susan.
I understand that chia seeds are a good source of Omega 3.  I have read about chia being one of the most important staples for the ancient Native Aztec people. They have high protein content as well as medicinal properties.

Dr. Tish suggested we look at Dr. Mercola's website, as she thought he discussed chia seed. There is mention that chia has less fat than flax. "Fat content is about 34% for flax, 23-25% for chia, and 3% for psyllium." ( This page also mentions the suggestion for consumption of omega-3 and omega-6 as 1:3 respectively and it recommended consuming flax seed ground instead of in oil form.

I did some research on chia and this is some of what I have found:

Chia seeds, a major staple of the Aztec, Mayan, Incan and other indigenous cultures originated in Mexico. They are high in easily digestible protein, offer balanced omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, are a great source of fiber - both soluble and insoluble, are rich in antioxidants and contain other nutrients. Unlike flax seed, it is not necessary to grind chia seed to make it more easily digestible, as it does not possess a hard seed coat, but it won't affect its nutritional value to grind it.

Although cooking with chia seed has no known detrimental effects, it is best not to heat the seeds, as heat is destructive to many foods.

Do not cook with chia oil, as it is unstable and will oxidize, as does flax seed oil when heated. This is because the antioxidant properties are in the seed and seed coat.

Chia seed is inherently resistant to insects.

There is no danger in eating too many chia seeds, unlike fish oil, which can cause reactions.

Black or white chia seeds are nutritionally comparable.

Reference websites on chia: I think you will find many of your questions answered there. Dr. Wayne Coates is considered an expert on chia., Mountain Rose Herbs website.

Regarding any medical concerns, such as your husband taking fish oil and chia seed and how much, we recommend you contact your physician, that he may help monitor any medical conditions. If I can help you further, please let me know.


Posted by Leslie: Has anyone found a ground cinnamon that does not test as fruit?

Reply from Dr. Dick: Ground cinnamon is always fruit.  If you buy the sticks and you find a heavy duty grinder, you can grind it yourself.  The cinnamon isn't fruit, it's how they process it.

Subscriber Stephenie R. suggests:
When posting a question or comment on The Forum to a thread that is not recent, (within the current week), PLEASE CREATE A NEW THREAD, even if the topic has been discussed at a prior time. This way, new entries won’t get unintentionally missed.

The Forum is a great way to make new friends!

Would you like to have a cooperative service with Song of Health and the store you shop at for groceries? Please tell them! We would be happy to help get them set up with access to the website information on their computers, in an effort to help all of you. If there is a store you would like me to contact, please email me at I will do my best to present our position. Sandra


Please post your replies to our other subscribers at THE FORUM.
Thank you.

HEALTH HUMOR (From an Anonymous Source)

Q: Is getting in-shape important for my lifestyle?
A: Hey! 'Round' is a shape!

Do you have any silly Health Humor you would like to share? Email to:

Each month we bring you articles on a myriad of topics regarding health and environmental issues.

The main focus of Song of Health is to avail you of expert information on the Carroll Food Intolerance dietary methods.

This is the first step getting and staying well. We feel, however, that there are also many other interesting and important issues to be aware of. It is our goal to share, with you, our findings on what may have a cause and effect on our healthy lives.


Does Your State Recognize Naturopaths as Legitimate?

By Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health

Does your state license Naturopathic doctors to practice? Yes or no, what impact does that have on you? What impact does it have on the Naturopathic medical profession?

Recently, I was googling for a traditional Naturopathic physician for a friend of mine who lives in Texas. I came across a listing for the Well Natural Health Clinic in Dallas, clicked to their website and perused their information. To my surprise, I discovered that Texas does not have legislation for licensing Naturopathic practitioners! Upon realizing the ramifications and significance of this to us, as potential patients, and to Naturopathic doctors, I decided we need to discuss what is available to us and where, what options we have, can we help to change the archaic thinking in this country and if so, what power do we have and how do we use it.

The state of Oregon has a published list called “Naturopathic Licensing Jurisdictions in the United Stated/Canada. To find out if your state licenses Naturopathic doctors go to: Presently, according to this list, there are only a total of 22 areas: U.S. states, U.S. protectorates and Canadian provinces that recognize Naturopathic physicians through licensing.

Why is it so important for states to recognize
legitimacy of Naturopathic medicine?

Your Naturopath’s freedom to utilize all the training he/she has been taught through accredited naturopathic medical colleges

Per Dr. Stacy Dunn, N.D., from Well Natural Health Clinic, “In licensed states Naturopathic Doctors practice as independent primary care practitioners, with the ability to diagnose and treat medical conditions, perform physical exams, and order laboratory testing. In unlicensed states, like Texas, Naturopathic Doctors are not able to offer all of the services they are trained to provide, but their expertise is an invaluable resource to the community as lifestyle and nutrition consultants.”*

It makes no sense to me that so many states refuse to recognize the physicians who have obtained their degrees from one of the 6 nationally accredited naturopathic colleges, through the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC). ** How does a legislative group of people rationalize a conscious choice to ignore qualified healers whose services are sought after by many of their constituents? Why do the leaders of these states not recognize Naturopathic accreditation? If you live in a state that does not license Naturopaths, I beseech you to contact your state representatives and ask them why!

There are those who oppose legislation to regulate for fear that it would criminalize holistic practices. I argue that through legislation western medicine practitioners (Allopaths) are licensed and recognized. Naturopaths deserve the same recognition.

Your safety

In 2003, a couple in Colorado took their terminally ill son with cancer to someone who claimed to be a “Naturopathic doctor.” It turns out the man was a fraud. Sadly, their son passed on, but the “practitioner” was indicted and convicted for fraudulent homicide. The case was also shocking enough to finally gain the attention of Colorado legislators, who recently voted on and passed House Bill 1157, which would require Naturopathic doctors be registered with the state, establish some oversight and set standards for education. The bill now goes to the Colorado senate committee. Licensing Naturopathic physicians, such as traditional western medical doctors are required, protects us by affording us the opportunity to research the doctor’s validity.

Insurance coverage

Presently few plans are willing to cover alternative care, although some have become more open toward chiropractic and acupuncture treatment. This is purely a political motivation. The more popular Naturopathic medicine can become and the more pressure constituents put on their legislators, the better the odds become for seeing changes occur concerning legislation governing insurance policies and the insistence that we have the choice to choose whose professional help we seek.

I strongly urge you to be proactive in support of our Naturopathic doctors throughout the country. If you live in a “non-licensed” state, why not contact your legislators and make your feelings known? They are beholden to their constituents concerns, if for no other reason than to get re-elected. If we don’t make ourselves heard, the issue will be ignored.



“No X-Rays, No Fluoride, Thank You”
By Sandra Strom, CEO
(Edited by Dr. Letitia Dick, N.D.)

Yesterday I attended my scheduled visit to the dentist for cleaning. Ms. Hygienist greeted me,
“How are you, Sandra? We’ll start with taking x-rays,”
“Good, thank you. We’ll pass on the x-rays,” I replied.

The look. The long pause. The eyes saying, “Now what?” I said nothing more. Then my hygienist broke the silence,
“It’s been two years since we last x-rayed you.”
“No x-rays today, thank you,” I held my ground.

She left to inform the dentist that I was refusing x-rays. He knew this was coming because we go through this every time I visit the office. Miss Hygienist returned to bargain with me: Forego x-rays today but next time I was to concede. I said, “Ok” with my fingers crossed, adding, “I’m probably the doctor’s worst patient.”
“He did roll his eyes,” she resigned. So I beat the hurdle of x-rays with exposure to radiation plus money I didn’t want to spend for it.

When the cleaning was nearly completed, without warning or asking, Ms. Hygienist came at me with the polishing machine. I immediately insisted,
“No fluoride, please.”

Again, the look. The long pause. Once again, she was the one to break the silence.
“It’s just polish, not a fluoride treatment. You won’t swallow any of it.”

I stared at her for a good 10 seconds, giving her time to ponder the concept of “no fluoride.” Finally, I said,
“No fluoride.”

Again, we stared at each other for several more seconds, but I held my ground! Staring at her polishing wand, then at me, Ms. Hygienist finally put it down and conceded.

I couldn’t let it go with that. This was going to make for interesting, provocative communication if she was willing to play. So, I taunted her,
“Did you know that fluoride is dangerous to your health? We have an article written about it on our website. Our doctors remind us that ‘access to proper dental care and proper diet are ways to prevent tooth decay, NOT water fluoridation.” (Read Sept. ‘07 Dragonfly News Article: Updated Fluoride Information, by Dr. Caryn Potenza, N.D.)

She bit! She explained to me how she used to work for one of the armed services and saw many people from many areas throughout the country. She would always ask them where they grew up. She was convinced, from responses received, that in areas where fluoride was consumed during childhood, those patients showed stronger enamel and greater strength against cavities than those who did not receive fluoride in one form or another. Her conclusion, therefore, was that fluoride helps to protect the teeth from cavities and other issues. She did mention that a lot of those patients were from areas where the ground had a natural abundance of fluoride.

It is always important for us to understand opposite viewpoints and how they were derived. I validated her for her “research” work and then discussed the differences between fluoride derived naturally versus the risk of potential side effects from chemical fluoride. Ms. Hygienist conceded to this and we parted, having found a positive note we amicably agreed upon.

Throughout this appointment, it kept running through my head how easy it would be to cave in to the pressures of what the non-holistic dental professionals believe in and utilize in their work, yet what also gnawed on me was:

I knew how lousy I’d ultimately feel for not walking true to my own path.

If I’m not strong enough to say “no” then how can I, in all honesty, urge you to be?

If we were to all say nothing then how would others learn different concepts from the chemically based ones they are familiar with?

Finally, I would be allowing myself to be poisoned!

Unfortunately, I live in a rural location and limited by how far I’m willing to travel to seek dental care. Fortunately, I have known my dentist for at least 25 years and have trained him to work with me!

I give thanks in gratitude that we all have a wonderful support system with each other at Song of Health, and how fortunate we are to be privy to all the information our doctors continually share with us. When the going gets tough against “the majority,” remember that you have your fellow Subscribers and the Song of Health Team to lean on for encouragement and validation, that you aren’t crazy and, in fact, you are right! Our goal is to follow the non-chemical path as best we can, in every aspect of ours and our families’ lives.

We highly recommend seeking professionals who practice holistic dentistry, wherever possible. A list of holistic dentists may be found at the Holistic Dental Association website. Or, ask your naturopathic physician if they can recommend one.



Sauces and Dips

GUACAMOLE (With Cilantro)
(Contributed by Sandra Strom, CEO of Song of Health)

1 avocado
¼ cup leek, green onion or sweet white onion, finely diced
1 clove garlic, pressed
1/2 tsp. cilantro, finely chopped
1 Tbsp. lime juice (white or rice vinegar may be substituted)
3 drops Eden Hot Sesame Oil or Tabasco sauce (more or less to personal taste)

Mash avocado with fork until nearly smooth.
Add leek, garlic and cilantro. Mix well.
Add lime juice and hot oil or sauce. Mash everything with a fork until soft and mixed evenly.
Serve with tortilla chips.


(Contributed by Karen Tressler, Healthy Transitions Life Coaching)
(Find Karen’s Listing in the Goods and Services Section at SOH)

1 Package chicken parts (3/4 pound to one pound)
Broth (approximately 8 oz., homemade is best)
3 cups cooked rice
1 can coconut milk
1/3 tsp ground nutmeg
½ tsp sweet chili sauce (I used Caronelle’s)
Spinach (two generous handfuls)
Salt and pepper to taste

Toss chicken and broth in crock pot with salt and pepper. Cook till chicken is falling off the bone. Remove, cool, debone and shred. Or…cheat and use boneless skinless….
While chicken is cooking, prepare 3 cups cooked rice.
Dump chicken back into broth in crock pot. Add 3 cups rice and one can of coconut milk.
Add 1/3 to ¼ teaspoon of nutmeg (less if fresh ground), ½ tsp sweet chili sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Rough chop spinach and add to soup. Simmer until flavors meld.
Serve in bowls or mugs. Filling and delicious!




Use the codes below to translate the Results Column

All =
Bad for All
Ms =
Mine Salt
D =
N =
Neutral for All
E =
P =
F =
Sf =
G =
Ss =
Sea Salt
H =
S =
M =
Sy =


As items are submitted and tested by Doctors Watrous and Zeff, they are then added to the Food Resource List on the Song of Health website. We compile the updated lists to email to our subscribers as well.

The items are listed per category. By listing the date tested, you can be assured of the most recent updates. Under the “Tested For” column, “All” signifies that the product has been tested for all food categories included in the Carroll Food Intolerance Testing method. In some cases, you will see ingredients listed in the “Results” column that are not included in “Tested For.” This is because the ingredient has been listed on the packaging, or it is obviously in the stated category. For example, results for milk will be dairy. We will furnish where to purchase a product whenever the information is available.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Dedicated to Heilping You Achieve. . .

June, 2009


Safeway Farmstyle
05/09 ALL ALL

Trader Joes Organic Unsalted
05/09 ALL D

Cereals - Cold:
Azure Maple Pecan Granola
05/09 ALL F,G,P,S

Organic Valley Organic Raw
Mild Cheddar
05/09 ALL F,D,M,Ms,P
Tillamook Medium Cheddar 05/09 ALL D,F,P
Trader Joe’s Organic Pepper Jack 05/09 ALL D,F,M,Ms,P

Chips and Crackers:
Little Bear Corn Chips 05/09 ALL G,P,Sf,Sy

Dove Silky Smooth Dark
Chocolate Bar
05/09 F,G,P D,G,P,S,Sy
Huckleberry’s Bulk Sweetened
Dark Chocolate Chips
05/09 ALL D,F,G,P,SY

Fruit and Berries:
Crofters Organic Concord
Grape Jelly
05/09 ALL F,S
St. Dalfour Royal Fig Jam 05/09 ALL F,G,S
St. Dalfour Wild Blueberry Jam 05/09 D,E,F,S F
Winco Bulk Organic Raisins 05/09 ALL F

Winco Bulk Arborio Rice  05/09 ALL G,F,P
Winco Bulk Old Fashioned
Rolled Oats
05/09 ALL F,G
Winco Bulk Organic Long
Grain Brown Rice
05/09 ALL G
Winco Bulk Regular Rolled Oats 05/09 ALL G,P

Milk and Cream:
Meyenberg Goat Milk 05/09 F,P,S,Sy D,P
Naturally Preferred Organic
Whole Milk 
05/09 E,F,P,S,Sf D

Nut Butters:
Kirkland Organic Peanut Butter  05/09 ALL F,P,S

Trader Joes Dry
Roasted Almonds 
05/09 F,Ms,P,Sf N

Spectrum Organic High
Heat Safflower 
05/09 ALL N

Dreamfields Healthy Carb Pasta   05/09 ALL E,F,G,P

Crown Prince Natural Wild
Caught Brisling Sardines 
05/09 ALL Sf

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic
Raw Blue Agave
05/09 F,G,P N

Bigelow Earl Grey  05/09 ALL F
Good Earth White, Vanilla Blend 05/09 ALL F
Market Spice Black Northwest
Breakfast (Tea bags)
05/09 ALL F
Paradise Tropical  05/09 ALL ALL

Tomato Products:
Middle Earth Organic Tomato
Sauce with Olives & Capers
05/09 ALL F,Sf
Middle Earth Organic Tomato
Sauce with Grilled Zucchini
05/09 D,E,F,S F,S
O Organics Whole
Peeled Tomatoes
05/09 ALL F

Vitamins, Health Products and Nutritional Supplements:
Natural Factors PGX Daily
Ultra Matrix Softgels (fiber)
05/09 ALL F,G,H,M,Sy

Crystal Springs   05/09 D,E,F,P,S,Sf N


Together, we achieve. . .


Get one on one advice for your Food Intolerances from Sandra Strom


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