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Food Resource List

LATEST UPDATE: November, 2016

The Food Resource List is compiled and provided from foods evaluated by our physicians at Windrose Naturopathic Clinic. It is for patient and subscriber use only, not for disputing manufacturing practices or product liabilities. Food processing, handling and packaging can all contribute to evaluation results. Individual personal health differences may cause various reactions to foods, whether they are an intolerance or not.

This list is a guide.

Food manufacturers may change ingredients quickly and without noting changes on the package, so use your best judgment in food selection and remember…

READ ALL LABELS carefully.

Important note: Items on the Food Resource List are results of evaluations done on foods specifically for the patient who submitted the samples and were analyzed for their specific requests. Therefore, as careful and complete as we try to be, sometimes all ingredients may not be listed. If you have an uncomfortable reaction to a food, even if your specific intolerance is not noted, it is recommended that you refrain from intake until you have it analyzed specifically for you.

The Food Resource List is updated whenever a food is evaluated. In cases where the food was previously analyzed and listed, the new results will replace the original listing.

Some foods will show Results as “inconsistent.” This is because the ingredients are continually changing. The evaluations, therefore, cannot be considered stable. A good habit to get into is to read product labels every time they are purchased. Refer to the Food Categories List for items to avoid.

Prior to the new format of including the "Evaluated For" column in 2007, this information was not always available, so it will be blank in the entries. The doctors kept records of the results but not what was "evaluated for." For a complete analysis we suggest you submit the food in question for evaluation. Please see Send a Sample for Evaluation.

Regarding salts: We generally evaluate for mined salt. When “Potato or Fish” are indicated in Results of an analyzed food, another salt may be present. For example, iodized salt or sea salt may cause a food to show “potato or fish.”


Song of Health, Windrose Naturopathic Clinic, LLC, or any other service, and their employees are not liable for claims made on this compilation of findings. You are welcome to go to the Subscribers Forum page where your comments are greatly appreciated and considered.

Use of this information without permission is illegal.
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