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September, 2007

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My kids and I just had a Taste-Testing Contest this morning using both milk alternative recipes on this website. The Rice Milk and Almond Milk were both great, yet they both lacked a quality found in the other recipe. We decided that if we had to pick, we would pick the Rice Milk and add the extra ingredients (salt, honey, vanilla extract, which we did add,) from the Almond Milk recipe. Then we had a great idea to mix the two batches together and we gave that a try! Together, it is by far the best milk alternative I have ever tried! The kids loved it too! I've never been able to handle drinking the alternatives by the glass and I know I could with this new revised recipe!!! Try it out! Oh, by the way, we also had a contest to name our new "milk:" MOOSE MILK won out! Enjoy!
(Posted by Stephanie)

Does anyone know where a reliable place to buy dried herbs online? There is no place where I live. I really wanted to try the hibiscus tea. Thanks for any info.
(Posted by Debbie)

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In this issue:

Article: Updated Fluoride Information
By Dr. Caryn Potenza, N.D.

Sharing Experiences
(1) Just Say No. (2) Horse Sense?

By Sandra Strom, CEO SOH



The following is a compilation of issues caused by fluoridation. This information was obtained from Debra Hopkins, DDS from her lecture “Fluoridation Follies and Other Dental Dilemmas” at the 2007 Northwest Naturopathic Convention.

By Dr. Caryn Potenza, N.D.

Fluoridation problems:

• 30-80% of children in fluoridated areas have dental fluorosis (white/brown spots or mottling present on teeth due to the overdose of fluoride).

• Studies have linked dental fluorosis to bone and joint problems (osteoporosis, fractures, back, joint, and muscle pain).

• Certain antidepressants (fluoxtine, a.k.a. Prozac) used daily DOUBLE the risk of bone fractures in adults 50 and over.

• Infants ingesting fluoridated water are getting 200 times the fluoride of breast milk.

• Infants under the age of 1 year old who are being fed powdered or liquid infant formula as their primary source of nutrition with fluoridated water may being getting more than the optimal values (stated from a directive of the ADA, and this was issued because babies exposed to fluoride are at high risk for developing dental fluorosis).

• Fluoride is mutagenic and causes chromosome damage (increase risk of cancer).

• Fluoride is a bio-accumulating toxin (like mercury) and has special affinity for the bones and pineal gland.

• Pineal gland disruption can cause diminished melatonin, which can lead to an increased breast cancer risk in woman and the premature onset of puberty in young girls.

• Fluoride was used by physicians in Europe to treat hyperthyroidism (today hypothyroidism is a major concern for woman over 40).

• Over 20 studies have shown fluoride will damage brain development and function (5 Chinese studies have shown lowering IQ in kids exposed to fluoridated water).

• Fluoride complexes with lead and aluminum are associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

• Rat studies found that feeding pregnant rats the equivalent of 1 ppm fluoride produced offspring with symptoms similar to ADD and ADHD
Young rats fed fluoride without maternal supplementation exhibited “couch potato” syndrome.

• Increased risk of osteosarcoma for males ages 6-8 who drink fluoridated water.

• Fluoride has an affinity for the bone and can potentially disrupt immune function.

• Fluoride accumulates in the kidneys.

• 1% of the population is allergic to fluoride.

• Water fluoridation does NOT cause tooth decay rates to decline.

• Access to proper dental care and proper diet are ways to prevent tooth decay, NOT water fluoridation.


By Sandra Strom, CEO


How many times have you been to the dentist to have a cleaning or dental work performed and it was automatically taken for granted that a brushing with fluoridated toothpaste and flossing would complete the session? Every single time that I have gone, which is an average of every six months, I have had to remember to catch them before they commit the act of treating me. You’d think they would have some notation in my charts that I have consistently refused their wonder drug for the past twenty years and cease trying to push it on me. But no! It’s as if they don’t believe me or maybe I changed my mind and realized the error of my ways.

Having walked the path of natural medicine for many years, it was inevitable that I would come across some form of information about the evils of fluoride. I probably couldn’t have told you just exactly what damage fluoride could cause or what its exact source was, other than knowing it was an industry by-product. What I did know was that it was dangerous and I didn’t want it in my mouth.

Last winter, when I was at the dentist’s office, the hygienist and I had a discussion about fluoride. It was before I was privy to the information furnished above by Dr. Potenza, so my arsenal was rather puny against her big guns about the attributes of fluoride, but I did my best to hold my own. She asked me where I was raised and when I told her…here it comes…her response as to why I have such good teeth is because the water I was raised on was fluoridated. I, in turn, suggested that it was due to my family genes. My father never had a cavity in his life, and he was raised on fluoride-free water. My mother was also blessed with strong teeth. The fact that I have strong teeth and bones is directly proportionate to the calcium utilized in my body. The conversation ended and the brushing commenced.

From now on I will bring a copy of this article by Dr. Potenza with me to the dentist and present it to them. I don’t expect the allopathic dentistry participants to change their misinformed beliefs but I will have done my part in presenting the opportunity to consider the alternative.

The most important message I want to stress here is that you do not have to accept fluoride as part of your dentistry care just because your dentist and/or hygienist is insistent. Present this article to them in defense of your highest good. Remember to inform them, before they put the fluoride-enriched tooth cleaner in your mouth, that you do not want the treatment. JUST SAY NO.


I have two beautiful Appaloosa horses, a 28-year-old mare, Hunny Bear, and an 8-year-old stallion, River Bear (Hunny Bear’s son). My mare has been in my life since she was three months old. When she was around ten she developed a cough that lingered for almost two months. I am certain it was triggered by herbicide spraying that a local tree farm company had applied to their crops nearby. A veterinarian finally diagnosed her condition as heaves, otherwise known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Symptoms of the condition include difficulty in expelling air from the lungs, so the horse uses its abdominal muscles to push, or heave, the air out. Wheezing may also occur, making the symptoms sound much like an asthma attack. The cells in the lungs may eventually atrophy. The veterinarian offered to administer a cortisone shot, which I declined, and instead gave her a homeopathic medication for hay fever and allergies. It worked and her condition stabilized.

Hunny Bear has continued to suffer with the disease ever since, the symptoms being triggered by an allergic reaction to something in the field. Through the years her condition has worsened, with symptoms plaguing her more often. For years she would only get sick in February, when the weather would warm for a few days, causing spores to open in the grasses, and then maybe again in early spring when the grass would begin to grow. When the hay fever homeopathic ceased being effective, Dr. Zeff recommended the homeopathic Arsenicum, which worked immediately and was effective for a couple more years. Then she stopped responding to that treatment. Eventually, through fear for her life, I gave in to administering cortisone treatments whenever she experienced an acute attack, which always stabilized her. But it obviously isn’t a curative, and potential side effects concern me. Several months ago Dr. Watrous prescribed cortisol, the natural remedy that cortisone mimics. It worked, along with other homeopathics and natural remedies to help rebuild the lung and adrenal tissues. Unfortunately, she still continues to have periodic episodes, with increased occurrences.

Recently, Dr. Watrous and I were discussing the problem and it occurred to me, after all these years, that maybe I should have Hunny Bear tested for food intolerances. Dr. Watrous explained that when the body refuses to respond to a homeopathic treatment that originally helped, it is a sure sign that food intolerances are involved. So we have decided to test her and the feed I give my horses. I have been so careful with what I have fed them throughout their lives. They receive non-sprayed, mainly organic hay, natural vitamins, wheat bran mash, and whole oats in the winter. Maybe she is gluten intolerant so, until she is tested, I am switching her to oat bran.

This guessing game is no different than how many two-leggeds attempt to self-diagnose their intolerances and/or allergies, by hit and miss testing. It is so much easier, in the long run, to spend relatively little time and money to be tested properly, by an expert doctor. Why it has taken so long for me to have my horse tested is beyond my own comprehension! The results should prove interesting.



It’s harvest time. The gardens are flourishing with an abundance of delectable, healthy vegetables and herbs. The seas are abundant in tuna, salmon and halibut. And families are on the run with vacations and buying school clothes. Here are just a few ways to prepare these wonderful foods in a quick and easy way.


(Contributed by Sandra Strom, CEO Song of Health)

Tuna or Salmon 4 oz. or 1 fillet per person
Garlic ½ clove per person, finely minced
Oil – Olive, safflower or sunflower
*Maple syrup 1 Tbsp. per serving
*Liquid Aminos (soy sauce) 1 tsp. per serving

Optional Flavorings
#1: 1 tsp. lime juice added to maple syrup and soy sauce
1/8 tsp. fresh grated or dried powdered ginger

#2: 1 tsp. lime juice or rice vinegar and
¼ tsp. fresh chopped cilantro per serving

#3: ½ tsp. lemon thyme per serving

#4: ½ tsp. rosemary, especially good on salmon

#5: ½ tsp. savory per serving

#6: 1 Tbsp. fresh sweet or green onion or chives, minced

*#7: Substitute rice mirin (Eden brand) for the maple syrup and Liquid Aminos. Or substitute honey or Agave syrup for maple syrup

#8: Try your own combinations!

TO BROIL: Turn broiler on to heat oven. Place fish in glass or other oven-safe platter. Sprinkle garlic and/or onion over fish. Add marinade and herbs of choice. Broil 5 to 7 minutes, depending on thickness of fillets. Turn and finish broiling for around 3 to 5 minutes.

TO SAUTE OR FRY: In a cast iron skillet heat to medium high just enough oil to keep fish from sticking to the pan, about 2 tbsp. per serving.
Add garlic and/or onion to oil, stirring to coat with oil. Sauté for one minute. Add fish to pan. Sprinkle with desired herbs (do not add marinade yet). Sear for about 5 minutes, depending on thickness of fillets. Turn over, sear for about 3 minutes. Add marinade and turn off heat. Let set for about 3 more minutes, until marinade has begun to carmelize. Remove from pan and serve immediately. Garnish with parsley sprigs



(Contributed by Sandra Strom, CEO Song of Health)

1 medium squash per person
Slice squash at a slant in ¼ inch slices.

PARBOILED: Place enough water in a saucepan to about one inch deep. Add 1 Tbsp. fresh chopped cilantro to water. Bring to a boil. Add squash, cover and boil for 5 minutes. Remove squash from water and serve in serving bowl or individual plates immediately. Add a pat of butter or sprinkle with olive oil. Sprinkle with raw sesame or sunflower seeds, if desired. Salt to taste.

SAUTEED: Place enough olive, sunflower, peanut or safflower oil in a cast iron skillet to coat squash. Heat to medium high, then add squash. Stir to coat with oil. Add, per serving:

1 tsp. fresh minced garlic
1 Tbsp. green onion or chives
1 tsp. cilantro
OR ½ tsp. oregano and ½ tsp. rosemary, finely chopped

Stir well to evenly distribute seasonings, then let squash cook on one side for about 3 minutes. Flip over and sauté for another 3 minutes or so. With a spatula remove and serve immediately. Salt to taste.

OPTION 2: After turning squash and sautéing for 1 minute, pour just enough rice mirin over squash to coat. Cook another minute, then turn heat off, keeping pan on burner for another minute or until rice mirin begins to carmelize. Remove from pan. Serve immediately.


Together, we strive for. . .

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