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About Us

Song of is your web-based service dedicated to offering subscribers information in simple format, to identify food groups and their derivatives. Our intent is to help everyone avoid their specific food intolerances. We also bring you related information pertinent to well being and healthy living.

The Song of Health Team is a dedicated group, consisting of renowned doctors and experts in the field of traditional naturopathic medicine and a supporting staff who helps make it possible to bring this information available to you, both on the website and in monthly newsletters, which are emailed to you personally.

Song of honors all the physicians, businesses and individuals who have sacrificed and contributed to the study of food intolerances. The information found on this website is provided by Dr. Letitia Dick, Windrose Naturopathic Clinic in Spokane, Washington and with supporting help from Dr. Caryn Potenza, N.D., Windrose Naturopathic Clinic. Dr. Dick is a co-founder of The Carroll Institute of Natural Healing, a teaching institute dedicated to furthering education in traditional naturopathic medicine and teaching the methods of the Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluation.


“To provide a unique information resource on food intolerances, based on The Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluation methods, which informs, educates, and generates interest to health conscious individuals who choose to avoid their food intolerances and improve their lifestyles, and to provide soap products thereof.  We seek to help individuals build new foundations and confidence necessary to accomplish autonomy. 

  • Key Market:  Patients of Naturopaths who provide food intolerance analysis and services, and other individuals desiring assistance, guidance, support, and products that accommodate their requirements for avoiding their food intolerances
  • Contribution:  Trusted information and consultation internet resource, furnished and/or verified by expert Naturopathic physicians on food intolerance avoidance; and manufacturing and distribution of handmade fruit-free all natural soap products
  • Distinction:   Recognized as the foremost trusted one-stop information and consulting service that addresses all aspects of adjusting lifestyles in order to avoid food intolerances, and provider of exceptional all natural fruit-free soap
  • As a segment of our service, Song of Health provides a forum for Subscribers as a valuable networking tool for the purpose of developing a strong support group among like-minded individuals, including the Song of Health staff.
  • Song of Health is committed to raising awareness of the importance of identifying and validating food intolerances, and encouraging individuals to contact manufacturers, government officials, grocery retailers, hospitality businesses, hospitals and other healthcare providers to help provide for their safety.



For further information please contact us.

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