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Available to everyone!


The Official Cookbook of Song of Health

I have chosen some of our delicious and easy recipes to share with you!

The complete book is available to MEMBERS in the Recipes section.

Most are easy and some are quick to prepare.

We have tried to use healthful ingredients whenever possible. Some of the old recipes include sugar. We highly recommend using honey, pure maple sugar or syrup, or agave syrup as a substitute for the sugar.

The Food Substitutions List (available to MEMBERS), is a great guide for substituting ingredients in a recipe.

We highly recommend using organic products.
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Have access to hundreds of recipes in 22 categories. Just click on an entry in the alphabetical INDEX or TABLE OF CONTENTS and easily access your favorite recipe.


Receive new recipes every month.
The links to the new additions published at in the Recipes section are e-mailed directly to you in our newsletter.

Recipes in the MEMBERS side are coded for the food intolerant ingredients (i.e., dairy, fruit, potato, etc.). Without knowing what food categories derivatives are found, it is nearly impossible to know how to avoid them in recipes. Also, each section has a Table of Contents with links to all the recipes in the section, making them easy to find and access.

Have access to the Food Substitutions List.

Have access to the Food Categories List, detailing all the chemicals and derivatives in each category, based on the Carroll Food Intolerance method.

You are not legally allowed to publish or share any of our recipes
without express permission.

All information found at Song of is copyrighted and protected.

Enjoy! Here’s eating our way to…


NOTE: If you are interested in receiving The Food Intolerance Cookbook pages as an email, please contact me at:


Get one on one advice for your Food Intolerances from Sandra Strom


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